Lesson 2

Related Activity #1

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With which of the sociological perspectives do you identify the most; that is, which is most similar to your view of society and social life? Explain what life experiences have influenced your thinking.

Lesson 5
Related Activity #7

Think of books, magazines, or other reading materials you were exposed to as a child. Analyze the content of those reading materials in terms of gender socialization. What pictures, photos,words, or examples perpetuated in you the idea of separate gender roles? Summarize your findings. If you can, describe ways that took on the gender roles presented in the materials.

Lesson 6
Related Activity #2

Role strain is something most of us go through in modern society. Explain how the strain of trying to meet contradictory demands or new expectations in a new role affects you. Identify the role and two or more demands or expectations involved.

Short answer/typed double spaced maximum 2 pages NOT per question within the assignment but for the entire assignment.

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