Match the type of review to its description 11 Methodological review r J [ Choose ] summarizes different research designs summarizes current…

The term that describes qualitative approaches to reviewing related studies is meta-analysis.
True False
The qualitative approach to research review aims at overcoming the deficiencies associated with the quantitative approach.
Effect size may be defined as the amount of the impact of one factor on another.
In general, there are four major sources of literature for reviewers to retrieve: books; journals; unpublished works; and _______
doctoral and masters theses
Wikipedia is not a trust-worthy reference because the information presented _____
is not peer-reviewed
can be edited by anyone
does not always have references to confirm credibility
All of these reasons
Match the type of review to its description 1—1Methodological review r J [ Choose ] summarizes different research designssummarizes current knowledgesummarizes past researchsummarizes existing relevant theoriessynthesis of existing knowledge Policy-oriented review Integrative review [Choose] 4!- Research review [Choose] 4! Theoretical review [Choose] 4′

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