first read the article from Harvey Mudd College. Then pick three of the questions from the list below, answer them the best you can.…

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Students’ claimed they learned the answers to the following questions from taking a course about The Mathematics of Voting:

  • How can the outcome of any given election depend on the procedures used to tally the votes?
  • What is the current U.S. voting system for presidential elections?
  • What constitutes a reasonable voting system?
  • What does it really mean for a voting system to represent the will of the voters?
  • Under what conditions are voting systems vulnerable to manipulation and arbitrariness?
  • What are some ways of using voting systems other than for political elections?
  • What kinds of informal voting do you do 1) in the family; 2) at work or 3) elsewhere?
  • What are the pros and cons of the various voting systems?
  • What’s the contrast between an election using a simple popular vote and one using a top-two primary?
  • Why is it that ANY voting system will exhibit one or more undesirable characteristics, and who worked out the math to prove this statement?