Messenger of the Lord

I need you to pick up three news from anywhere and copy them and tell me where did you get them from ( journal entry).

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I need you to answer the 10 question and I need short answers. The name of the book is “Messenger of the Lord” Chapters 7 and 8

1.What were the steps in Ellen White’s thinking that led her to a correct picture of God as her friends?

2.How did Ellen White connect theological belief with a believer’s personal life?

3.How would you express Ellen White’s understanding of the relationship between health and one’s spiritual life?

4.What insights did Ellen White have regarding the cause of suffering and death?

5.How do you account for Ellen White’s remarkable writing career, noting that her formal education ended at the age of nine?

Chapter 8

1.How do you account for the remarkable confidence that strong-minded men had so early in the ministry of Ellen White?

2.How would you respond to the suggestion that Ellen White did not live what she advocated?

3.Review the events that prompted Ellen White’s remarkable generosity and frugality.

4.What examples would you give that illustrate Ellen White’s courage and perseverance?

5.How did Ellen White use courage and common sense in rehabilitating her husband James in the winter of 1866-1867?

I need you to write two research and I have attached the details .