meteorology 30 questions quiz lab apa report format and forum week 3

Please send me copy of LAB report when completed. Need Forum Completed by Wednesday.

Required Tasks for this Week:

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  • Textbook Reading:
    • Barry and Chorley – Chapter 5: Atmospheric Instability, Cloud Formation, and Precipitation Processes
  • Week 3 Lesson: Cloud Development and Precipitation & Air Pressure and Winds
  • Week 3 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography
  • Week 3 Forum
  • Week 3 Lab – Complete prior to attempting Week 3 Quiz
  • Week 3 Quiz

Optional Tasks for this Week:

  • COMET Modules
    • Urban Flooding: It Can Happen in a Flash!
    • Rain Gauges: Are They Really Ground Truth?
    • Skew-T Mastery

Learning Objectives:

LO-19. Understand what is meant by atmospheric stability.

LO-20. Understand how clouds develop.

LO-21. Understand what causes precipitation.

LO-22. Explain what is meant by air pressure.

LO-23. Understand what produces horizontal and vertical air flow.

LO-24. Discuss pressure gradient force and Coriolis force.

LO-25. Discuss how winds are different at the surface than in the upper atmosphere.