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  Hard to believe this is the last discussion post for this class.  I honestly can’t say I am at sad about this class ending.  This class was rough!  Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors!

Summary of the article

  This article looks at whether the violent video games cause crime rates to increase.  According to this article the only thing that has been tested has been a few small observations in the laboratory (Cunningham, Engelstatter, & Ward, 2016).  The data that is found actually shows that once a violent video game is released the first few weeks’ violent crime actually decreases but there hasn’t been a study done over this for a long-term effect though and this need to be monitored over a longer time frame than just a couple months or years (Cunningham, Engelstatter, & Ward, 2016).

Central question

The question that I would like to answer would be do violent video games cause crime rates to increase?

Two things that are looked at throughout this article are aggression, and catharsis.  Some believe that violent video games increase aggression in adolescents which causes them to go out and “role-play” these video games (Cunningham, Engelstatter, & Ward, 2016).  Catharsis states that the individuals that are playing these games are releasing aggression and frustration, which in turn makes an individual less aggressive and less likely to commit a violent crime (Cunningham, Engelstatter, & Ward, 2016).


To test this theory I would use hypothesis testing.

 My null hypothesis would be the increase in violent video game sales is = to the increase in violent crime.

 My alternative hypothesis would be that the increase in violent video game sales is ≠ to the increase in violent crime.

I would monitor the sales of the more violent video games from the website VG Chartz.  An example would be that as of October 15 the game “Gears of War 4” has sold 617,107 globally.  I would then follow crime rates globally based on and looking at the violent crime trends.  This will tell me how crime rates compare to violent video game sales. I would then run a t-test based on the numbers for the previous month and compare the p-values.  I would use a 95% confidence level and if the p-value is less than .05 then we can reject the null hypothesis that says the increase in violent video game sales is = to the increase in violent crime.  This would prove that with 95% confidence rate, the sale of violent video games is not equal to the rate of violent crimes.


Cunningham, S., Engelstatter, B., & Ward, M. R. (2016). Violent Video Games and Violent Crime. Southern Economic Journal82(4), 1247-1265. doi:10.1002/soej.12139


Hello everyone!

Unit 6 Discussion

Summary of the article

The topic I chose involves the dilemma of hospitals having the ability to turn away patients due to lack of insurance coverage. The article discusses the Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act passed in 1986 and how it explicitly forbids the denial of care to uninsured patients based on the lack of ability to pay at any facility. Emotions run high with this subject, as many people are very passionate on both ends of the spectrum. To summarize the article, privately owned-hospitals may turn away patients in a non-emergency, but public hospitals cannot refuse care. Public hospitals that are funded by taxpayer dollars are held to a different standard than privately owned for-profit hospitals.

“Health Care Issues.” Current Issues: Macmillan Social Science Library, Gale, 2010. Opposing Viewpoints in Context,

Central question

What issue or question you will be focusing on in your analysis? What are the conflicting points of view?

Knowing that the end result is rising health care costs for everyone, should hospitals be allowed to turn away patients in need of medical care due to lack of insurance?

There are two major conflicting points of view in this topic.

  1. The first point of view is that of those who cannot afford the ever-rising cost of health insurance and, therefore, go without. These citizens feel that they are entitled to medical treatment and are outraged that they may be potentially turned away for medical treatment because they are unable to afford the associated cost. They defend the position that medical treatment should never be denied.

  2. The second point of view belongs to those who believe that the rising costs of health care and medical treatment are due to the fact that for many years, those folks without medical insurance have been treated, thus driving up costs overall. They defend the position that medical treatment should be denied to the uninsured in order to maintain control over healthcare costs.


    The best methodology for this situation would be forecasting. In order to have a somewhat accurate forecast, a great deal of data is necessary. To start, we need to get a better grasp on exactly how much money is being spent, and ultimately lost, on treating patients who have no insurance. Because this question is too large to answer nationally, we need to narrow down the sample to a local group.

    For the purpose of this question, I would choose to look only at the Mosaic Life Care Hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri. I would choose to look at a 3-6 month period of records and forecast based on that time-frame. This is a small enough sample to attain the information, but sufficient enough to get an accurate idea of the figures involved. Once this data is collected and we have a base figure to answer our initial question, we can move forward with the assessment.

    If the end figure is substantial, the result could ultimately be used to motivate the healthcare industry to turn away uninsured patients in the future. The figure will have to be appropriately scaled up to larger populations on the city, state, and region levels. This is a huge decision with very passionate parties on both sides. Careful research and data collection is definitely required for a full assessment.

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