You have just been appointed to a committee that has been asked to develop a set of policy recommendations for changing organized youth sport programs in your town. What recommendations would you make? Why? Be sure to support your decision based on what you have read in Coakley and what we discussed in class. Read the case study regarding the cover image of Lyndsay Vonn on Sports Illustrated.Case Study Lyndsay Vonn Cover.pdf Did Sports Illustrated do something ethically wrong in running the Vonn picture as they did? Be sure to list what is Right/Wrong, and Good/Bad about this decision before rendering your judgement. If they did something ethically wrong, would it matter what their actual intentions behind running the photo were? (Categorical) If this cover actually increased interest in female competitive skiing, would that make an ethical difference? (Consequential) Is the selection of cover photos, such as the Vonn shot, an important activity of sports journalists? Or are these purely business decisions? Are there more ethical issues than simply covering sports once sports journalists become part of a business such as Sports Illustrated? Does the pressure demands of the media of Sports Illustrated mean you compromise ethical standards? How would you have handled the selection of the Vonn photo for the cover if you ran Sports Illustrated? What values would guide your decisions?

 Please no more than 4 pages