Mla Citation

Mla Citation

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Citations There are arguments as to how efficient or appropriate composition classes are for students in college. The thinking is that there young people should have learned their basic writing skills in high school. However the evidence shows that there is a need for the classes. Hansen and her colleagues say that “First-year writing courses that build on strong college preparatory work may best prepare students for writing expected in other college classes.” The implication is that there is something different about college writing. For that reason the new importance and were therefore integrated into the core curriculum the same thing should happen with presentation skills. Certain courses should be designated as “presentation intensive ” and should require students to give numerous presentations throughout the semester. Works Cited Hansen Kristine et al. “Are Advanced Placement English and First-Year College Composition Equivalent? A Comparison of Outcomes in the Writing of Three Groups of Sophomore College Students.” Research in the Teaching of English vol. 40 no. 4 2006 pp. 461–501. JSTOR JSTOR. Snow Brian. Integrating Presentation Skills into the YC Curriculum. The Commentator. []

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