My motives to attend graduate degree in Computer Science (Example)

My motives to attend graduate degree in Computer Science (Example)

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Dear Admissions Committee Members; It has been my dream since my childhood to give back and be helpful in whichever way possible. I am creative I love building things and innovation during my elementary school days I loved drawing because it made me feel like I was building something. It has been my passion since that time however I value helping more because it creates a significant feeling that keeps me going. I won the title of the best painter in my town while competing with older painters. I have accomplished my studies hope is to one day build a worldwide successful Mobile phone application that would benefit millions of people across the globe and continue to be helpful and work in the field as long as possible. I promise you I will work hard for it. I genuinely appreciate your consideration of my candidacy and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please let me know if you need anything else that can be helpful in evaluating my application. I can be reached at my direct phone number provided in my resume. Best regards Fouad []

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I’ve written my essay draft and I would like you to edit it and change what you feel needs to be changed. Please I need to apply to Boston University tonight, so I would really appreciate it if you can finish by midnight tonight

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