Need help to write an Educational Psy Esssay

4 one page essays

Dr. Carey gives a variety of achievement and aptitude tests to 1000 ten-year-old children from

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Southside Elementary School and 1000 ten-year-old children from Northside Elementary

School. On average, the Southside students perform better on the tests than the Northside

students. Dr. Carey concludes that teachers at Southside are superior to those at Northside. Is

this conclusion warranted? Why or why not?

Explain what psychologists mean by the term “distributed intelligence.” Describe at least three

different teaching and/or assessment strategies you might use that would be consistent with

this concept.

Distinguish between positive and negative transfer, and give a concrete example of each to

illustrate your discussion.

Explain what psychologists mean when they say that a classroom assessment instrument is

culturally biased. Then describe three strategies that you might use to minimize the presence

of cultural bias on your classroom assessments.