Network Security Research (Example)

Network Security Research (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Summary Article 3: Approach to Auditing Network Security The article explores the approach when auditing networks to ensure all connected systems are secure. The auditing process of information system framework is done in one puzzle by auditing application software operating systems database as well as auditing the physical attacker initiates code to disrupt network operation while passive attacks happen when intruder intercepts data sent over a network. Works Cited Pawar Mohan V. and J. Anuradha. “Network security and types of attacks in network.” Procedia Computer Science 48 (2015): 503-506. Sayana S. Anantha. “Approach to auditing network security.” Information Systems Control Journal 5 (2003): 21-23. []

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Please read 2 articles that I upload. Then, In a Word document write a one summary ( describe main point and some information to explain main point) of the every article and include the URL of the article location. It include 2 paragraph. Paragraph 1: Article 3. Paragraph 2: Article 4

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