Old Testament Unit 2

Old Testament Unit 2

Israel Becomes a People: Exodus and Wilderness From the perspective of the book of Exodus what was the Lord’s role in the events it portrays? The book of Exodus is a book that can be divided into two considering its literary form. The first part of the book shows the deliverance of the Israelites from the Egyptians who oppressed them. God uses Moses to set them free using miraculous chain of events. The Lord delivers the Israelites and parts the Red Sea for them to cross over. The second part is where the Law of God is introduced to the people. However the attitude of the Israelites changes. Unlike before when God gave commands and everything went as planned after introduction of the law the people of Israel were rebellious against God. The Lord plays a role in delivering the Israelites leading them through the sea and the Wilderness. death of Uriah after he was put to the frontlines to be killed in war. Nathan came to rebuke David because of his actions. Their first son together died because of God’s judgment on David. They begot Solomon together who later became King of Israel Absalom Tamar and Amnon. Amnon raped her sister Tamar. Absalom kills his brother Amnon in a rage of anger. Absalom tries to overthrow his father but is defeated and killed CITATION Joh12 \l 1033 (Tullock & McEntire 2012) CITATION NIV \l 1033 (Bible). References BIBLIOGRAPHY Bible N. (n.d.). The Holy BIble. The International Bible Society. Stiebel J. (2012 12 2). Samuel Prophet as King Maker and Conscience. Retrieved from Singing Torah: http://singingtorah.org/hebrew-bible/2012/12/02/samuel-prophet-king-maker-conscience/ The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Saints. (n.d.). Covenant. Retrieved from Scriptures: Bible Dictionary: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bd/covenant Tullock J. H. & McEntire M. (2012). The Old Testament Story (9th ed.). U.S.A: Prentice Hall. []

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