organizational analysis 9

1200 words total for assignment………3 scholarly sources APA CITED….no plagiarism

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Pf(c * m * ss)

Assign yourself a score for each of the considerations below, then fill out the equation at the bottom of the page.

1. 1.

Capability – “Can Do”

Complete a self-assessment of your capability in terms of:

> Knowledge of job duties

> Communication skills

> Technical skills

> Any other skills needed to perform your job

Assign yourself a Capability score from 1-10:

2. Motivation – “Want To”

Assess your overall motivation level to perform the specific job duties and assign yourself a score accordingly

Assign yourself a Motivation Score from 1-10:

3. Support Systems – “Empowered To”

Consider the following questions in evaluating your organizational support system: do you have reasonable access to

> Supportive policies and guidelines

> Needed space and equipment

> Sufficient IT support

> Additional helpful tools

Assign yourself a Support System score from 1-10:

4. Capability Score x Motivation Score x Support System Score = Productivity Indicator

Use this formula to calculate your Productivity Indicator.

5……..250 words………. 2 scholarly sources……

there are six major areas of improvement within an organization (Nassar, 2007). Define the six factors and explain how your organization can improve within these six areas. If your organization is maximizing these areas, how was that goal achieved?