Overview of the Nursing Process

Overview of the Nursing Process

A useful resource related to this discussion: Overview of the Nursing Process [PDF File Size 331 KB].

A 23-year-old ballet dancer arrived at the Emergency Department after collapsing during a week of strenuous rehearsals for an upcoming production. The patient reported that she had been in good health and takes no medication except the occasional loratadine (Claritin) for her seasonal allergies. Further questioning revealed that the patient “lives on” diet colas to keep her weight down for dancing; she said she does not like the “taste” of water. Assessment in the Emergency Department revealed the patient to have a pulse of 140, blood pressure of 78/62 and poor skin turgor. She required aggressive intravenous fluid resuscitation.

Initial Discussion Post:

Identify the contributing factors that led to her collapse.

Assign one (1) nursing diagnosis along with an etiology and the defining characteristic(s).

What is the significance of her pulse and blood pressure readings?

What type of IV therapy might be used to restore this patient’s fluid balance? Provide a rationale for selecting this fluid.

What other interventions do you think might be ordered for this patient? What nurse-patient teaching will likely be needed?

Consider the evaluative criteria (outcome) used to determine if the therapy successfully restored fluid balance.

Base your initial post on your readings and research of this topic.


***Must be at least 250 words and in APA format, with in-text citations