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In this assignment you will tackle debugging code written by another programmer. Programmers working in industry often have to extend/test/debug code written by other programmers. It is not an easy task, especially when the code does not have proper comments, or simply looks “messy”. It is especially difficult if you have to debug the code across several files, as in this case, html and php files.

John Novice is not using modular approach while writing his code, and as the result he spends a lot of time debugging. He also does not thoroughly test his code, so runtime errors and incorrect output are always a possibility. This time you will play the role of a teacher of the programming course that John is taking at the Granite College. You will figure out what is wrong with John’s code, fix all the errors, and determine if any runtime errors are present. You will then submit the corrected code, provide Johnny with helpful feedback including a list of errors that you have found. You will also list other modifications/corrections you have made to the code: formatting, commenting, changing variable names, etc. Johnny’s code is attached.

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