phyllis young

1.  (50 pts). In paragraph form (no bullets), write a 250-300 word essay: 

Based on the lectures and notes, what about Jesus’s life, ministry, and/or teaching most impresses and/or inspires you? Use specific examples from his life as discussed in class.      

a. Use onlyyour words. You can write more, but 250-300 words are enough.

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2.  (50 pts). In paragraph form (no bullets), write a 250-300 word essay explaining the class lecture: “7 Reasons We Know Jesus Rose From the Dead.” (This essay may require more words than the first one). 

Include the idea of “best explanation” (briefly discussed below). Focus on “Reasons 1-5.”  

a.  **You are notrequired to “agree” with the case to do well, only to articulate the strongest version of the argument based on the class lecture. 

b. Use your words. Don’t just copy and paste the points. Explain them. 

c.  *Be sure to explain the idea of the “best explanation” of the strongest attested historical data or “inference to best explanation”—how whatever claim someone makes about what happened in history, the strongest historically attested data needs to be explained.  

 i.  The core points are a little different than our discussion, but these may be useful:



two essay, each one 300 words.