physics multiple choice 1

An object that has kinetic energy must have

  1. volume and acceleration.
  2. mass and velocity.
  3. speed and acceleration.
  4. elevation and mass.

A car is traveling at 100 km/s and skids four times as far as the same car at a different speed. What is that different speed of the car?

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  1. 80 km/s
  2. 9.8 km/s
  3. 50 km/s
  4. 25 km/s
  5. If an object is in neutral equilibrium, and any displacement neither raises nor lowers its center of gravity, this object is considered to be

    1. unbalanced.
    2. balanced.
    3. increased in its mass.
    4. lower in its center of gravity.


    ____ 4.

    ____ 5.
    A collision is considered inelastic if

    1. there is deformation.
    2. the objects do not stick together.
    3. the objects that collide do not get warmer.
    4. there is no distortion of the objects.