please respond to my classmate 150-200 words ( its not an essay)

Describe how understanding theories of child development can assist you in your chosen profession. 

Children learn at different milestones at different ages and all children learn in different ways from each other, even ones of the same age group. Knowing what milestones they should reach at what times will help me to know where a child should be. If they aren’t at that stage I may need to look into it a little more and see if they need help. Working in a school with children this will be helpful to know. “Child development includes basic milestone that are somewhat predictable but are influenced by intrinsic (originating from the inside) and extrinsic (originating from the outside) sources, which cause progress to be extremely individualized and different for each child” (Groark, McCarthy, Kirk, 2014). 

Explain the theories that most closely align with your personal philosophy or approach to child development. Use specific examples to illustrate your perspective.
I would say I align the best with Jean Piaget. “Piaget suggested that the rate of development within a stage is dependent upon two factors- one biological and one environmental” (Estes, 2012).  I feel that the rate of development does depend on things such as he did. Biological would just be obvious. And environmental can make a difference, because if you live in a low income area often times it’s harder to have the resources you may need to do better. Those areas often times don’t always have the best teachers or the best schools, which doesn’t help them learn as they should. Some children don’t have the best lives at home and therefore they don’t concentrate at school as they should. Which, also doesn’t help the children. “According to Psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980), children progress through a fixed sequence of developmental stages, each of which becomes increasingly sophisticated” (Mossler, 2013). I agree that each stage gets more sophisticated as the stages get father along. 

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