Post-war treatment of ethnic minorities

Post-war treatment of ethnic minorities

Name Professor Course Date Topic: Post war treatment of ethnic minorities Problem statement: Did World War I and II tensions result into unfair treatment of ethnic minorities in Canada? During World War I and World War II there was unfair treatment that was inflicted in Canadian minority that spurred unexpected tensions between whites and the minority groups Japanese Canadians. According to Wood (67) during WWI both Germany and Austro-Hungarian were the victims where aliens were dismissed from their jobs and placed on police surveillance their language schools were shut down and their newspapers were censored. The main goal of the paper is to address tensions that resulted to unfair treatment of ethnic minority groups in Canada during post war Minorities in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. 2001. 1-26. article focuses on making world universal through creating safe democracy. In 1914 the manpower was more compared to demand in need to serve army. This created need to have selective criterion on who to serve. One of the method used was racial mechanism and members of the least visible groups were not successfully considered even after expressing their interest. In an inquiry that was made to follow the issue the response was ” this is not for you to follow it is a white man’s war”. The article is applicable since it will help in gathering information on postwar treatment of ethnic minorities in employment sector during World War I. []

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proposal instruction paper attached. instructions have to be exactly as stated. Topic; With reference to Canada’s experiences in WWI and WWII, explain how wartime tensions have resulted in the unfair treatment of ethnic minorities. (history, literature, sociology). IMPORTANT: REFERENCES/ SOURCES MUST* BE ACADEMIC SOURCES. VERY IMPORTANT send me the references you use

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