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According to Amy Edmondson, it is always hard to learn from failures since people do not appreciate them, and others do not like failures and most of the time they get defensive failing to acknowledge them. It is hard for employers to accept failures and therefore it becomes very hard for them to learn from them. Thus, most executive do everything to avoid failure and therefore, they do everything not to fail. This is what makes it so hard for them to accept that they fail sometimes.

It is important for big businesses to learn that big projects have bigger chances of failing especially when it is the first time they are working on the project. When big projects such as rebranding fail, the cause is not just a single failure, but small failures in different departments that end up causing the failure. However, mostly in such cases the executive would rather blame an employee rather than accept failure and learn from it. It is also important for organizations to keep trying through trial and error, learning from their mistakes and failures and with time success can be guaranteed.

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