Pro Choice Public Policy Propaganda

Pro Choice Public Policy Propaganda

You are the leader of a privately sponsored interest group organization charged with changing popular opinion regarding the public policy of your choice (Choose 1 topic from your Public Policy Position Paper.)

As the leader of this organization, you are in charge of developing 3 types of propaganda (i.e. – radio advertisement, bill board, newspaper articles, tv advertisements, etc) that supports the views of the organization with regards to this particular public policy. Your main goal is to sway public and political opinion (using FACTS) to support you, your cause, and the organization.

Here’s the catch! You must take on the opposite role that you stated in your Public Policy Position Paper. For example: If you stated that you are a pro-choice, then you must take on the role of the leader of a pro-life organization.

Along with each type of propaganda, you must submit a 1-page explanation of why you chose type of propaganda to “spread the word.”


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