Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Depression and Its Treatment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required

The client is named Tara, a white woman whose depression began during her childhood. She works as a professional drug abuse counselor in spite of her emotional status. She descended into dark depression during high school when her boyfriend died. something made her attempt suicide several times. Poor family relationships and social relationships with her teachers may have also disposed her into this disorder.


Tara’s memory is diminished, as she does not remember when she started experiencing depression. She spent most of the time in isolation- alone in her room since she had very few friends. The negative mood is evident when she says that she hated the world after her boyfriend’s death, and this affected her ability to make decisions because she wanted to die in order to be with him. Apart from attempting suicide, she also shows symptoms of apathy because she is not interested in getting into a relationship nor is she interested in any extracurricular activities. However, apathy is not consistent since she has not lost interest in working as a drug abuse counselor.

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According to DSM IV, Tara is suffering from major depression because she has a negative mood that made her attempt suicide. She has symptoms of apathy and diminished memory as well as low self-esteem. No evidence was observed on general medical conditions that may lead to the advancement of the disorder. The loss of her loved one is a psychosocial problem whereas suffering from child abuse was an environmental problem that might contribute to the disorder. On suicidality or homicidal, she is still vulnerable since she has low self-esteem about what her family feels about her.

Therapeutic Intervention

The appropriate short-term objectives for this intercession are to relieve signs of a major depressive episode (Nathan & Gorman, 2015). Secondly, the interventions should be aimed at recognizing and reforming the ability of the patient to function in society. The long-term goal should be reducing the risk of recurrence of symptoms hence improve the clients’ safety. It should also aim at changing how the clients perceive themselves and consequently their behavior.