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Research paper title is (drug addiction in Baltimore, MD United states) to be specific (women including pregnant addict)

What I need are:

1- Research Paper It will help you frame your policy issue; it will also allow you to develop your research into your policy in greater depth.

  • Define your policy issue clearly.
  • Describe your target population (women including pregnant addict).
  • Provide relevant background information so that an outside reader can understand the issue as you see it. Place the problem in context; identify the key stakeholders driving the policy or needed to make change; and discuss appropriate policy theories or data (percentage and numbers data are crucially important in each paragraph in the research paper) to allow an outside reader to understand the scope and severity of the issue. 1900-2000 words
  • List your references in APA.

2- Annotated Bibliography

Extends your list of references used in your paper. Should a senior executive, staff member, or elected official have the need to get further information on an issue, an annotated bibliography will be an invaluable tool to help them use their time effectively. Provide a full citation and write a paragraph-long (at least 100 words) description and evaluation of each source used in your paper and how those sources important and relevant to your research or for understanding the issue. In essence, you should build a roadmap through your issue. I expect a minimum of 20 sources will be needed.

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