research paper on humor as a way of saying something serious.

Need an research paper on humor as a way of saying something serious. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Team America is an American action-comedy written by Trey Parker, Pam Brady and Matt Stone. This film is associated with stereotypes and clichés on the global implications with a humorous emphasis of United States politics. Team American is a paramilitary anti-terrorism world police force which has a home in Mt. Rushmore. This group (Lisa, Carson, Sarah, Joe and Chris) destroys the Arc de Triomphe Eiffel Tower and the Louvre having tracked down terrorists in Paris, France during a gun battle. Carson is gunned down by a terrorist while proposing to Lisa and so replaced by Gary Johnston. The terrorists with mass destruction weapons are being supplied by Kim Jong-il from North Korea who is a dictator and the teams unbeknownst.

Gary uses his acting skills successfully to infiltrate a terrorist group in Cairo, Egypt. This team successfully destroys the terrorists and leaves the city with ruins. During a relaxation period of the team, a group of terrorists from the Panama Canal blow up as a retaliation of what happened in Cairo. Finally, Gary is sent to North Korea by Spottiswoode, who is their boss, to free the other members using his acting skills. After that, they confront Kim Jong-il and Gary go on stage to convince world leaders to use the drifter’s emotional speech to unite. Alec Baldwin is killed by Kim Jong-il using a submachine gun, and Lisa kicks him over a balcony. Kim Jong-il is then compared to be an alien cockroach from a Gyron planet that departs in a miniature spaceship, promising to return. The team again unites as Gary and Lisa engage in relation as thereafter prepare to combat the remaining terrorists in the world.

The Missing Corpse is another American comedy Albert Herman being the director. T

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