Response paper (straw man argument)

response paper on the nationalism section will ask you to make a straw man argument. This paper is akin to the debate paper in the sense that you need to present more than one view on nationalism.The purpose of the straw man paper is to learn to make an argument that you oppose in order to demonstrate what you think is right. In the first half of the paper, you will make one argument about nationalism and then, in the second half, you will tear this “straw man” down and argue against all of the points that you made in the first half of the paper. You must use two of the texts from the nationalism section to build evidence in this paper but you can select which ones you think are useful. This is a short paper, only 2 pages long. However, you have to be concise. You will have to read the attached files in order to write the paper. You’ll have to refer to the readings as you build the argument. They’re short readings. ”
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