Scientific Literature Worksheet

Scientific Literature Worksheet

Outline of the Main Points to be included in your Poster Presentation of your article


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WHY: Briefly describe the purpose of your article.


WHAT: What do you hope to learn from reading this article?




  1. Skim and outline:
    1. What is the overall objective of this investigation? Why was the study undertaken?
    2. What did the investigator hope to learn from doing this investigation?
  2. Define unfamiliar terms:
    1. What key terms need to be defined before the investigation can be understood and described?
  3. Critically read and question:
    1. What points do you hope to emphasize? What points are you unclear about?
    2. What data was collected as part of the investigation?
    3. What is the hypothesis?
    4. What information is contained in each figure?
    5. Describe 2-3 results that explain, support, or refute the hypothesis of the paper
    6. Describe 2-3 conclusions the authors discuss in the paper
  4. Check your understanding and re-read
    1. Where am I confused?
    2. What is the relationship between the data, evidence, and interpretation? Which data make the conclusions convincing?
  5. Synthesize your information
    1. How does this scientific information relate to your own knowledge and experiences?