select one of the communities groups or organizations that you are connected to at college Reading response paper

For the first reading prompt I ask that you to select one of the communities, groups, or organizations that you are connected to at college. This could be a formal organizations such as a student club or team, or a more informal setting such as a classroom or study group. (i chose a math class)

Next, identify and make a list of some of this community’s language conventions: the kinds of topics you expect to hear, which individuals are usually included in the conversation, how would describe the type of language that is used, and so forth. Finally, write about how you and other members of the community learned these conventions, whom did you watch, with whom did you speak, or what did you do in order to come to know about and understand them?

Don’t forget this assignment MUST BE TYPED and ONE FULL PAGE, SINGLE-SPACED in order to receive credit for it. If you have any questions, please message me .

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