Social Inequality

Social Inequality

Social Inequality Proposal Name: Institutional Affiliation: For a long time women have been excluded from major socioeconomic systems. Although women do not constitute of a minority group Social inequality refers to the differential positioning of socially-constructed categories of persons that determine the access or denial of social resources. In most cases social inequality form the initial steps towards the formulation of a multi-dimensional and all-encompassing solution to the problem. References Allmendinger J. & Von Den Driesch E. (2014). Social inequalities in Europe: Facing the challenge (No. P 2014-005). WZB Discussion Paper. Martens K. (2011). Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists. Retrieved on 10th may 2017 from: %20Doris%20-%20Injustice %20Why%20social%20inequality%20persists.pdf []

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You are to submit a proposal for your final paper this week. Remember that the final paper is a 5-page paper on a topic on social inequality. The exact topic should be one that is unique to your interests and not one explicitly covered in class. Also keep in mind that, for the final paper, you will be required to use 5 class readings, and 2 outside readings of your choice. In this way, the final paper is an extended 3 page paper – a way for you to demonstrate that you can apply the readings to some topic/argument of your choosing. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the general discussion board. Your proposal should be a one page document that explains your topic, why it is important, and what texts you might consider using. The submission folder is located in the assignments/readings tab.

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