sociology data science paper

Sociology: Data Science


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Structurally, the elements I expect are:

  • background information on your concept, I’d like some references
    • Add reference materials to your background information
  • your research question
    • Add reference materials to your research question
  • descriptions of quantifiable outcome variable(s) based on your concept
  • descriptions of independent variables that you think would affect your outcome variable
  • information on where you would acquire the data and how you would acquire it (survey, scraping, pre-made datasets, partnership with a group, integration of multiple datasets).
  • I’d like for you to give examples of how you’d use the data acquisition and management tools we have learned to assist you in pulling together your project.
    • Will you need to scrape data?
    • Will you need to use a relational database to integrate multiple data sources?
    • What would those tables look like?
    • How would you go about doing integrating (remember you need to have the same observation level to link the data)?


  • give concrete structure to your research question and variables
  • provide information on how your input and output variables relate
  • give detailS on how you will organize your disparate sources of data
  • how you will use the tools we’ve learned to assist you, etc.
  • tell me why you think this work will matter: how can answering your research question lead to change?


  • 12 point font (Times New Roman)
  • MLA format
  • Include work cited page
  • Cite all sources

I already made an outline that I need you to follow. See attached for outline. Everything in ITALICS/HIGHLIGHTED is my notes to you and it clearly states exactly what I need you to add. Pay close attention to those.