Sociology Research Topic, Annotated Bib, Hypothesis, and Analysis

Sociology Research Topic, Annotated Bib, Hypothesis, and Analysis

Feldman D. & Kubota M. (2015). Hope self-efficacy optimism and academic achievement: Distinguishing constructs and levels of specificity in predicting college grade-point average. Learning And Individual Differences  37 210-216. to the authors there is a correlation between academic-related hope self-efficacy and GPA such that the two variables can be used to predict academic performance. The author assesses 89 college students who include both male and female from North California. The researcher used GPA LOT-R ASES GSES DSHS whereby the results showed that students with high-self efficacy performed better than the low and mid self-efficacy students. However on class performance there was not much difference. Hypotheses Self-efficacy has a direct correlation with student motivation to learn which directly affects their overall academic performance. Analysis The hypotheses of this research will be tested by the ANOVA test since the research will involve comparison of a variety of students and the results need to be computed simultaneously. []

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I NEED THIS WITHIN THE NEXT 3 HOURS! no page limit just make sure each question is answered. the first part if you coming up with a research topic and the second part is making an annotated bib, hypothesis, and analysis!

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