Spin Me Right Round: Introduction

Read the following article excerpt about the current energy crisis:

“Have you ever thought about harvesting the power of the wind to fly? Well, the Green Machine Power Company (GMPC) has been thinking about harvesting wind power for the last three decades.Now, they have completed development on a process that can harness more than 30% more energy from the wind than any other process to date. All they need is a patch of wind. GMPC knows the place to harvest wind is where it grows in abundance year round, by the ocean. Unfortunately, every oceanfront community from Maine to the Keys is shutting them out. It seems that the wealthy landowners of our coastal plains are more interested in aesthetics and tourism than they are about the looming energy crisis. GMPC is offering a cost effective, efficient alternative energy source, and instead of choosing to fly with it, America is choosing to blow them off.”

What is your reaction to this article? Does it make you mad? Does it make you concerned that people can be uncaring about the environment?

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If you fall on the side of the environment and GMPC after reading this article, it may be because that is the author’s intent.

The way an author spins an article will influence the way the audience feels about the controversy. Spin is the art of taking a bias or a side of an issue and using the facts of the case to manipulate the audience’s opinion. Writers who take information and twist it into biased stories are known as spin doctors. By the end of this section, you will be spinning a story from the information you got in your interview. You will use this spin to tell the story of your interview subject and the subculture he or she represents.