States of America nursing profession

States of America nursing profession, writing homework help

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The Legislation and United States of America leaders are now focused on making changes to the health care delivery system which will bring new challenges to the nursing profession. Health care is now starting to put an emphasis on focusing on health and wellness instead of just focusing on treating illnesses when one has been diagnosed. This shift to prevention also focuses on increasing community based programs, such as home care and ambulatory care instead of just acute care services. Health care costs in the United States are very high compared to other countries around the world however, the U.S. legislature and leaders can not agree on how this problem can be solved to make health care more affordable. The U.S legislature and leaders can not agree on Insurance marketing versus government control. Nurses help to improve the cost and quality of health care through challenging practices and protocols that are in place. This is typically done through the different Nursing Organizations. Data collection can be collected to help analyze the costs of health care and positive patient outcomes. Once data is collected, this can be used to help shape the way of the health care reform. Nurses can also aid in the health care reform by becoming an educator, role model for healthy living, encouraging their patients to increase healthy living practices and to aid in any way possible to help their patients become healthier. It is a must for nurses to continue to achieve higher education and continued education courses to aid in positions available that require higher levels of education. Higher educated nurses are needed in many positions such as; case management, utilization management, triage, become advocates for their patients, and resource management. Nurses need to take a stand in this health care reform and demonstrate the importance of the preventative approach to health care. The only way for health care to change is to have the players fighting for these changes every step of the way.

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