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According to Siman, Aparna, and Cawley, 2017, one objective of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was to improve preventative care and health habits of Americans by increasing access to healthcare and insurance. Many Americans lack access to quality healthcare and have unhealthy behaviors such as obesity, cigarette smoking, and heavy alcohol intake. Therefore, it is imperative to increase patient prevention, education, and routine screenings in order to improve patient’s outcomes and prevention (Siman, Aparna, & Cawley, 2017). As Benjamin, 2011 explains, that while America spends more money on healthcare in comparison to other countries, our low scores in several key areas of health and mortality reveal that a drastic change is needed in the U.S. healthcare paradigm. In fact, health screenings and focused education on preventative care has not only the potential to save Americans about $3.7 billion dollars, but improve overall health and ultimately prevent unnecessary deaths (Benjamin, 2011).

As the, 2017 reports, the National Prevention Strategy, is a vital part of the ACA and serves as a pointer toward the achievement of improving the holistic health of the American population. This strategy was introduced in 2011 and offers guidelines for the incorporation of specific actions to increase the health of the U.S. population. The vision involves progressing past the disease-based model to one which focuses on health and wellness (, 2017).

Nurses are not only the largest group of healthcare professionals, but also provide the most direct patient care in a variety of settings such as hospitals, schools and within the community. Therefore, nurses play a uniquely critical part in the meeting of the goals set by the ACA (Institute of Medicine, (IOM), 2010). However, there are challenges unique to nurses in the ability to respond to the objectives and must be addressed in order for nurses to be effective leaders in healthcare reform.

The four main recommendations of the IOM committee designated to respond to these concerns are: 1) Nurses need to have the ability to practice to the full capacity of their training: such as Advance Practice nurses. 2) Higher level nursing education: Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes academic progression via continuous educational advancements. 3) Full collaboration between nurses and health care specialties in the movement toward the objectives. 4) Improved data-collection and policy-making: necessary in order to plan and implement the changed needed in order for the healthcare system to have the properly educated and qualified nurses to meet the upcoming needs (IOM, 2010)



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