Answer the 5 questions below, each question minimum of 100 words. Must be in APA format, please identify the questions on paper. Cannot accept more than 5% plagiarism, it will be submitted to TurnItIn

References: Ken ,Black. (2016). Business Statistic For contemporary Decision Making 9th Edition

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Feel free to use more than one reference.

This professor is super annoying and strict, so please be aware of that.

Very very important, make sure you don’t fully reference answers, they must also have examples. If referencing in text citations must be shown.

Business Statistics, Ch. 10: Statistical Inferences About Two Populations

1. Explain and give examples of the F distribution

2. Explain and give examples of matched-pairs test

3. Explain and give example of F Value

Business Statistics, Ch. 11: Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments

4. Explain and give example of the Tukey-Kramer procedure

5. Explain and give example of the randomized block design