STRUCTURAL THERAPY MUST HAVE TONIGHT 11:PM EST 4/24/18 APA – Integration of Theory Paper You must substantiate your theory of change wi – th at least 7-10 literature references (in text citations in APA format). Limit the paper to 8-10 pages. See the be

Please Please read the instructions carefully.  It is to be on Structual Therapy

Structural family therapy is a theory developed by Salvador Minuchin. The focus of the therapy is based on five specific principles. The five specific principles include:

-the structural therapist focuses on the interactions between people rather than their individual psyches

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-“Matrix of identity” based on personal interactions within the family

-Family structure based on social interactions

-“Well-functioning family” based on how family responds and develops according to family needs

-The position of a family therapist is to help the family outgrow constraining growth patterns and develop as a stronger entity