suggestions of a possible solution for what can virginia residents do to conserve the potomac river

The topic of the project is: Pollution in the Potomac River

Question we are going to solve: What can Virginia residents do to conserve the Potomac River?

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Answer Part Two, Section C, Subsection ii (Boundaries), Part 3, Section A (One Possible Solution)

2. Analysis of the problem

a. Causes of the problem. What causes of conditions underlie the difficulties?

b. Present efforts to solve the problem. What is being done now to deal with the problem? In what ways are these efforts unsuccessful? What hints do they provide for further attacks on the problem?

c. Requirements of a solution.

i. Direction. Where shall we attack the problem?

1. Would an attack on some outstanding symptom be the most fruitful approach?

2. Is there a cause that would be worthwhile to attack? It would need these two essential characteristics:

a. Would its removal substantially eliminate or greatly modify the problem?

b. Could its removal be accomplished with facilities—personnel, equipment, finances—that are (or can be made) available?

ii. Boundaries. What other values—social customs, laws, institutions—must not be harmed in attempting to solve this problem?

3.Suggestions of a possible solution

a. One possible solution

i. Nature. What, specifically, is the plan?

ii. Strengths. In what ways would this plan effectively fulfill the requirements or criteria of a solution, that is, make notable progress in the direction and stay satisfactorily within the boundaries of a solution?

iii. Weaknesses. In what ways would this plan fall short of effectively fulfilling these requirements or criteria?