svsu wheels presentation

Our presentation is about ride sharing app called SVSU wheels, that will allow all students in our university to use , which is if you download the app and sign up you could give other students a ride on your way for small amount of money for example $7 cheaper than Uber, other students who don’t have a car will use the app to get a ride, for example I live in other city and i have classes at 10 am, other students who lives on other city needs a ride will open the app and looks for a ride I open the app and see the cities i will go through if there’s any students whose needs a ride I could accept to take him in my way, any students could use the app to take a ride or left students, who invited the app, so me and my classmate will get a 25% of every ride price . That’s what our presentation about.
Please follow the guidelines, Find out what are problems or opportunities in that kind of app, Find out who can be investors, Go through the kawasaki guide slides, and make the PowerPoint presentation.

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