Test Review Microbiology

Test Review Microbiology: Coastal Bend College


Test Review Contents:

This test covers:

Chapter 6 Microbial Nutrition and Growth

Chapter 7 Microbial Metabolism

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Chapter 8 Microbial Genetics and Genetic Engineering

Chapter 9 Physical and Chemical Control of Microbes

Chapter 10 Antimicrobial Treatment

Test Review Instructions:

You will write an outline for all the topics listed in this review.

Please note on test 2 your word count will be increased. Please read the instructions for both this review and the test thoroughly as the instructions may have changed since review and test # 1.

This review will not be graded for accuracy, only for completion. Full credit on this review does not imply or suggest you will receive full credit on the exam.

Please note that your papers will be run through anti-plagiarism software. You are not allowed to use blocks of text from any source (no direct quoting). You must describe in your own words the topic(s) and then cite where you got the information from. In scientific papers direct quotes are considered improper. Please paraphrase and use in-text citations instead (using the author-page style).


Test Review Questions

Chapter 6 Topics:

Describe both autotrophs and chemotrophs including their sub-categories.

Describe the bacterial growth curve.

Chapter 7 topics:

Describe enzymes.

Describe cellular respiration.

Chapter 8 topic:

Describe gene expression.

Chapter 9 Topic:

Describe a few of the microbial control methods.

Chapter 10 Topic:

Describe what considerations should be taken when choosing an antimicrobial for any given patient. You may also include discussions about the kinds of antimicrobials.