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Opinions run in everyone’s life, possibly every single day and weather opinions are expressed; they’re always a person that takes issue with one’s opinion. Opinions are either pressed out during a conversation or in public. Stating your opinion can be dangerous depending on the habit of words because words can either be supported or either neglected and weather a opinion is disagreed on, it could cause an argument that can ruin a certain meeting or discussion. However, if words are used properly in a professional manner an opinion cannot cause an outrage, but if language

is not thought
of before being spoken, it could only have a negative impact. opinions can hold so much power that it can ruin a relation between one another and In my belief thinking before you speak is essential and a regulation of life because words have so much meaning and power that they can be dangerous. I agree with Havel’s saying that words are like a ray in the darkness because words can enlighten a conversation or can strengthen an argument, but the power that words have, can be dangerous because if words are used incorrectly they can conduct an argument leading to having people deceive of your being based on what your opinion is on certain thing or on what you say. The use of words is something to look out for because the way we utter words determines the outcome of responses.

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