The Land Act of 1820 history homework help


  1. The Land Act of 1820 did which of the following to encourage settlers to move west?
    It allowed for the construction of roads and canals
    It gave settlers the chance to buy land very cheaply It offered free land for settlers willing to improve it
    It offered free land for settlers willing to improve it


  1. How did westward expansion affect the slave trade in the United States?
    It created a greater demand for slaves by expanding the plantation system.
    It created a weaker demand for slaves by increasing the market for paid labor
    It created moral arguments that led to a decline in support for the slave trade


  1. What led many of Georgia’s white residents to resent the Cherokee people in the early 1800s?
    The Cherokee expressed their own resentment through violent attacks
    The Cherokee would not uphold trade agreements with white residents
    The Cherokee refused to sell their land to white residents for cotton farming


  1. The U.S. Supreme Court case Worcester v. Georgia established which of the following rulings?
    only the federal government could negotiate with Native American nations
    U.S. states could overrule federal decisions concerning Native American nations
    U.S. states held legal authority over Native American nations within their borders


  1. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 forced most members of the Cherokee nation to relocate to which current U.S. state?


  1. In what way were the majority of the settlers known as “49ers” different from other settlers in the western territories?
    They were mostly unmarried males
    They were mostly under forty years old
    They were mostly in higher economic classes


  1. What was the main factor that led to racial derision between the white settlers in California Territory and the Hispanic-Americans who already lived there?
    Hispanic-Americans did not like having to pay the new taxes levied on them.
    Hispanic-Americans were accused of taking the best jobs in the new territory
    Hispanic-Americans felt that the white settlers were disrupting their cultural practices


  1. The Santa Fe Trail was established between Missouri and New Mexico for which primary purpose?
    to serve as a route for settlers migrating westward
    to serve as a route for trade with Mexicans and Native Americans
    to serve as a route for the U.S. military to transport troops and weapons


  1. Which conflict resulted from resistance to the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
    the Red Stick War
    the Mariposa War
    the Black Hawk War

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