The movie Girl Interrupted.

The movie Girl Interrupted.

Hello!i need thisdone by 7pm:) The movie I chose was Girl, Interrupted.



Select a movie related to mental health (Girl, Interrupted)
Prepare a 3-5 page paper (not including a reference page and title page) using the following criteria:
-Title page
-History of clients illness (past & present)
-Discuss the current diagnosis
-Any other mental illness/mental health issues
-Observations ( what have you observed in the movie, i.e. behavior, S&S, enablers, cultural considerations)
-What DSM-IV-TR criteria support the diagnosis? Why?
-Incorporate a treatment plan.
-What is the expected outcome?
-Conclusion (include your thoughts about the movie)
-Reference page

Use APA formatting with in-text citations and references.  Please refer to your APA manual as a guide for in-text citations and sample reference pages.

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