The RN is developing a teaching plan for a male patient

The RN is developing a teaching plan for a male patient


Note: You cannot post to this discussion until week 4.


The RN is developing a teaching plan for a male patient with a new diagnosis of peptic ulcer disease related to an H. pylori infection.

The patient immigrated to the United States from Vietnam two years ago with his extended family.  He denies any current use of alcohol but has smoked one pack of cigarettes per day for the last 20 years.  He reports increased fatigue during exercise, uses Chinese medicine to manage frequent muscle pain and has noted an occasional black bowel movement.


Initial Discussion Post:

  1. Identify three (3) items related to the medical diagnosis that the RN needs to include in the teaching plan for this patient.
  2. How will the RN incorporate cultural considerations into the teaching plan for this patient?
  3. Identify one (1) member of the interprofessional health care team that should be included in this education plan.  What is the role of this member?


Base your initial post on your readings and research of this topic. Your initial post must contain a minimum of 250 words. References, citations, and repeating the question do not count towards the 250 word minimum.


Responses to Peers:

You are required to make two (2) responses to the initial posts of two (2) different peers.

  1. Is the issue of culture identified and incorporated into the teaching plan for this patient?  Why or why not?
  2. Will the interprofessional health care  team member identified by your peers help the patient understand and use the teaching plan?  Why or why not?


In your responses to your peers’ posts you must provide constructive and insightful comments that go beyond that of agree or disagree. Each of your response posts must contain a minimum of 100 words. References, citations, repeating the question, and quoting your peer do not count towards the 100 word minimum.



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