The Role of Agencies and Organizations in Public Health Policy

The Role of Agencies and Organizations in Public Health Policy, writing homework help

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Public health policy highlights needs and gaps in public health. Understanding policy development is a critical skill for epidemiologists. Policy is developed through a rigorous and dynamic process involving a balance between epidemiological data, strength of evidence, values, costs, ethics, and politics. Government agencies, organizations, politicians and policy makers, funding agencies, and public health professionals are all involved in the process.

Implementing public health policy is often formal and structured. Epidemiological data help stakeholders understand health issues and priorities. As policy is developed, stakeholders are involved in carrying out the process and allocating resources.

For this Discussion, review the week’s Learning Resources and consider how epidemiological data might influence the development of public health policies. Using the Walden Library or the Internet find an example of how epidemiological data has been used to develop a public health policy. Consider how the different stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of the example you selected used epidemiological data.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post an explanation of an initiative in which epidemiological data had been used to develop a policy. Describe the stakeholders that were involved in designing and implementing this policy. Then give three examples of how the epidemiological data was used in the design and implementation of the policy. Support your post using scholarly resources.

Discussion must be at LEAST 700 WORDS all part answered




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