The Utility Monster Wireless Philosophy Video Analysis

The Utility Monster Wireless Philosophy Video Analysis

Hello, everything Is explained below . you have to answer the discussion questions plus the reading review questions .

After watching the “Wireless Philosophy” videos regarding Utilitarianism, please state (in about 3-4 sentences) whether you believe Robert Nozick’s “Utility Monster” thought-experiment presents a serious problem for Utilitarianism. Please explain your reasoning 

Reading Review

Note: Response for Reading Review questions should be at least three complete sentences in length!

1. How does Mill respond to those who refer to Utilitarianism as a “swinish” doctrine? (Hint: See section 3)

2. How does Mill distinguish between “higher” and “lower” pleasures? (Hint: See Section 4.)

3. How does Mill explain the fact that some people choose “lower” pleasures over “higher” pleasures – even though they might be capable of both? (Hint: See Section 5.)

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