Theatres History in the Eighteenth Century Discussion

Theatres History in the Eighteenth Century Discussion

Pose three (3) unique questions such as “What is a costume prop and how does it function on stage?” Pose your questions by replying to this main post. Your questions should be sufficiently thought-provoking that they will require roughly a paragraph each to answer.


Respond to three (3) questions with information from your reading and your own opinions on the matter. Pose your responses/answers by replying to each question. Your responses should each be roughly a paragraph in length.

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Here’s how this will work: Respond to this main post when posing your questions. Then, respond to individual questions with your responses.

You’ll receive up to thirty-six (36) points for your questions and answers, per the rubric in your syllabus. Please make your questions thought provoking, and your responses well-informed and thoughtful!