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Theories That Best Accounts for The IRs Trend.

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Date. Comment by Adam: You have chosen a Grammar/Mechanics targeted review, asking that your paper be reviewed only for glaring errors in sentence structure, word usage, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other grammar issues. I will not be reviewing any other issues.


International relations can be described as the study of how states relate to one another and with international organizations as well as other subnational entities such as political parties. It can be said that having a better understanding of international relations helps people to gain more insights and in-depth knowledge about global issues (Hay, 2016). The study of international relations also helps people to understand important subjects whose emphasis is placed on various aspects of human life such as cultural elements, education, economic aspects, political science, and the major influences such aspects have on society. Comment by Adam: If a list contains more than two items, they should be separated by commas (or semicolons if longer or complex). If the list is an appositive, a colon is used to introduce it; otherwise no punctuation is used in this position. See for more information.      A conjunction is used before the final item in a list or series. For example, instead of “For dinner, Barb wanted fish, broccoli, sweet potatoes,” the correct alternative would be “For dinner, Barb wanted fish, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.” See the OWC’s resource on conjunctions here:

Based on the questions and the readings provided among the key features of international relations need to be considered before selecting one of the theories that best accounts for its trends is the origin of wars and attempts to restore peace, the nature of power, and how nations exercise their people in relation to promoting peace as well as changing charter of states and non-state actors who take part in international decision making (Erskine, 2020). With respect to the question, I think all the three theories highlighted in the questions can be applied to account for constant trends in the international systems. Comment by Adam: A comma is used to separate an introductory word, phrase, or clause from the rest of the sentence. For example, instead of “Before class started Wayne went to the office,” the correct alternative would be “Before class started, Wayne went to the office.” There is an excellent presentation on comma usage on the OWC’s website:  Comment by Adam: It feels like a word is missing here See this helpful resource for more information:  APPLY THROUGHOUT Comment by Adam: Every sentence requires a subject and a predicate. The subject is the noun (person, place, or thing) performing the action or upon whom the action is performed. Consider the following: “As reported by Smith, declared that the tests were invalid.” This is a fragment; it has no subject. “Smith” is apparently the intended subject, but because it is part of a prepositional phrase, it cannot be a subject. The correct alternative would be “Smith declared that the tests were invalid,” or “As reported by Smith, the test was invalid.” There is an excellent presentation on sentence fragments on the OWC website at:    APPLY THROUGHOUT

According to the realism theory with respect to international relations and systems, it is assumed that states are the primary actors of the international relation system, and there is nothing like supernational international authority. As per realism theory, many nations may be in constant conflict with each other because they are acting in response to protect their own interest and secure power for self-preservations. Such powers will be used to defend the state’s interest in politics, economic and social life (Erskine, 202). Realism theory as an approach attempting to explain the international relations system, its key tenets value the role of nation-states with the assumptions that nation-states are only motivated to react in accordance to their national interest, which is disguised as their moral concerns. Comment by Adam: You have used more words here than necessary to make your point. Graduate level writing is to be clear and concise. Consider revising. Please see the helpful resource on the OWC website at: Comment by Adam:   The items in a series or list must be parallel in form and structure. See for more information.   APPLY THROUGHOUT Comment by Adam: A comma is used before the conjunction preceding the last item in a list or series of three or more items to give all items equal importance. For example, instead of “In the baseball game, Sue got a walk, made a hit and scored a run,” the correct alternative would be “In the baseball game, Sue got a walk, made a hit, and scored a run.” There is an excellent presentation on comma usage on the OWC’s website:

On the other hand, neoliberalism theory holds that international relation systems and institutions must be perceived as agreements between or among actors that could be deployed to reduce uncertainty. Many nations have adopted the concepts of neoliberalism theory to try and bring to an end existing diplomatic conflict among various nations of the world for the wellbeing of respective citizens. Other than that, neoliberalism principles assume that international cooperation is sustainable and the contracts between actors may be employed to reduce conflict, competition, reduce transaction cost as well as facilitate collaborative problem solving (Barder, 2019). Comment by Adam: Avoid beginning a paragraph with a conjunction that should refer to the previous sentence. For example, “Furthermore, …”, “However, …”, etc. There is an excellent presentation on paragraph construction on the OWC website at:

Finally, constructivism theory may also be applied to accounts on the IR system as it assumes that social norms form the basic structure of international politics whose influence shapes actors’ identities along with their interests (Barder, 2019). As provided by constructivism theory, international relations are only influenced by ideas, norms, and identity, which are constructed around historical and social aspects of human life and not material factors. As per my understanding of the international theory, constructivism theory has greater value and compatibility with the Christian worldview. Constructivism theory is built around social and cultural anthropology, whose principles are utilized to theorize secularism to elaborate on how religious-based ideas and actors could be deployed to reshape political and international relation system.


Comment by Adam: Thank you for allowing me to review your assignment today. You have done good job organizing ideas into paragraphs; however, some improvement is needed in sentence construction. I recommend reviewing the linked writing aids on sentences for healp learning to identify the subject and verb. I recommend checking each sentence for a clear subject and verb, which should greatly enhance your writing. Please be sure to complete the Student Satisfaction Survey located at the bottom of your completed request. If you have any additional questions, please contact the OWC at or via live chat by completing a simple form. If you would like further assistance with this assignment, schedule a live appointment here or contact us using our live chat feature. Finally, you may avail yourself of the many writing aids on the OWC website.


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