3-4 pages plus a reference page

6 references needed for this paper

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Part I

Provide a copy of the article, including the date it appeared.

Provide a citation of this article using APA format. 

Provide a brief summary of the article. Please incorporate:

The issue the article addresses including the larger issue or policy 

Identify the attitude, point-of-view

Ideology and/or values presented in the article. 

Part II 

Provide your reaction to the article 

Make connections to class material (readings, lectures). For example: 

Are there any competing ideologies?

How have these competing ideologies affected the policy or program?

Where do you think we should stand on this issue or policy? 

What values or ethics is your stance based upon?

Some materials in class we are reading:

Jimenez, J., (2010). Social Policy and Social Change. Chapter 1 & Chapter 3

Alexander, M. (2010) The New Jim Crow. Introduction & Chapter 1

Payne, M. (2005). Modern social work theory: A critical introduction. Lyceum Books Inc. Chicago, IL.