Threats To information Security (Example)

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Threats To information Security (Example)

Threats to Information Security Name Institution THREATS TO INFORMATION SECURITY Introduction A number of organizations are currently facing huge threats to their stored data. This has put them at risk of losing their privacy to intruders via cloud computing. There are various factors that contribute to information security vulnerability of an organization in addition there is a number of security measures that have been put in place to safeguard the information of any organization stored (Sarkar 2010). The factors which may pose threat to information security include inter-connectivity and the wireless application’s connections that are less secured and are hugely used in business. Interconnectivity of computers introduces communication among different computers connected locally internationally and worldwide. This introduces a lot of challenges in the manning of information security. These challenges can have both negative and negative impacts on the information security of an organization. The first threat of information December 11). Retrieved March 04 2018 from Whitman M. E. (2003). Enemy at the gate: threats to information security. Communications of the ACM 46(8) 91-95. Retrieved March 04 2018 from M. (2008). Wisecrackers: A theory‐grounded investigation of phishing and pretext social engineering threats to information security. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 59(4) 662-674. Retrieved March 04 2018 from K. R. (2010). Assessing insider threats to information security using technical behavioural and organisational measures. information security technical report 15(3) 112-133. Retrieved March 04 2018 from L. A. & Loeb M. P. (2002). The economics of information security investment. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC) 5(4) 438-457. Retrieved March 04 2018 from M. Rabai L. B. A. & Aissa A. B. (2014). Classification of security threats in information systems. Procedia Computer Science 32 489-496. Retrieved March 04 2018 from []

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THREATS TO INFORMATION SECURITY There are 2 deadlines (2 submissions) for this paper: 1-first submission 3/4/2018, 6 pm USE Instruction:3 pages (not including title or reference page) idea paper on topic “THREATS TO INFORMATION SECURITY “ be ready by Sunday 3/4/2018 6 pm USE Paper organization will include: • Introduction. • Problem Statement. • Relevance and Significance. • References (at least five). 2- second submission 3/9/2018, 9 pm USE Instruction: 10 pages (not including title or reference page) the outline as presented in the criteria and first submission(idea paper) needs to be followed. Note: • Instruction and details are attached. 10 pages • APA Format • Plagiarism free

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