To have an abortion or not

To have an abortion or not

Proposal on the Abortion Debate Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Proposal on the Abortion Debate The debate on abortion has been received with many controversies ranging from the legal moral and the religious status. In most of these arguments emphasis is always geared towards saving lives of either the mother or the child. In this case the pro-choice and the pro-life tend to engage on securing the rights of their specific interests. In fact the pro-choice put their emphasis on protecting the mothers from terminating the pregnancies especially when there is an element of risks to their lives. Yes protecting mothers’ sounds correct but the approach ought not to be misused as it encourages the evil act (“Abortion ” 2017). On the contrary the pro-life advocates for the rights of the fetus that needs to be born. Though controversial both approaches recognize the value of humanity but in a of Restrictive Abortion Laws: A Qualitative Study. PLOS ONE  11(10) e0165048. Johnson  B. R. Mishra  V. Lavelanet  A. F. Khosla  R. & Ganatra  B. (2017). A global database of abortion laws policies health standards and guidelines. Bulletin of the World Health Organization  95(7) 542-544. Kapp  N. & Glasier  A. (2013). WHO technical and policy guidance emphasizes the health systems’ responsibility to provide safe abortion services. Contraception  87(5) 511-512. Kim  C. R. Tunçalp  Ö. Ganatra  B. & Gülmezoglu  A. M. (2016). WHO Multi-Country Survey on Abortion-related Morbidity and Mortality in Health Facilities: study protocol. BMJ Global Health  1(3) e000113. Medoff  M. H. (2010). State Abortion Policies Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider Laws and Abortion Demand. Review of Policy Research  27(5) 12-176. Saleem  H. T. Narasimhan  M. Ganatra  B. Kennedy  C. E. & Kennedy  C. E. (2017). Medical and surgical abortion for women living with HIV. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Winikoff  B. & Sheldon  W. R. (2012). Abortion: what is the problem? The Lancet  379(9816) 594-596. []

Order Description:

I am needing a proposal for reasons to have an abortion but also reasons to be pro-life. I need at least 10 references. I have two attachments and would like it to be APA with abstract and reference page. This needs to be at least 5-6 pages. I have attached two attachments to help you see what I need.

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