Types of Muscle Discussion

The story holds importance for me because it is my own. It is a representation and proof of the hardships that I have endured in my life and how I have come on top of them and achieved success.

“She held my hand just like a much caring person does and that reassured me that she was, indeed, the perfect one.”

This moment in my life holds a ton of value for me because I had found my other half in this world. Someone who would support me through thick and thin. Someone who would always be my side. Someone who gave me purpose. Someone who would love me unconditionally. These values of trust, loyality, love and friendship are what I found out that I was living for. Without her I would not have made it this far in my life and been so successful in my endeavors.

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“As we drove down the roads that had tall palm trees, we could only wonder if our life was, one day, going to take us to newer heights as well.”

This moment was very exciting and new to us. We would set up our new life here in this country, far away from everyone and every place we once knew. There was a lot of uncertainty in our mission but we were still certain that we would succeed if we stood together.

“Going through my mind, I wondered if all of this was planned when the world was started.”

We were both thousands of miles from our home but we did not feel lonely or alone for we had each other. With her, I knew that I could be anywhere in this world and still be at peace.


“The abrupt but beautiful mountainous road around Big Sur was a reminder of what we had been through together as a couple over the past ten or so years. ”

She made me feel certain about our future. Our connections with each other were great and it was almost as if we were both extensions of each other. She was the most significant thing in my life and so was I to her. Together, we were taking in this new atmosphere of a foreign country and growing to accept it. All the efforts we made in the past had been for this purpose. Just like that, we were certain that we had sailed the storms of the seas and emerged victorious on the port of this new life.

In conclusion, this entire experience was exciting, scary and peaceful at the same time. There were a lot of uneasy emotions in me when I remembered and wrote down the facts about our past experiences. However, now I have realized that, in the end, everything works out. As long as you have a purpose to live for and a partner who is with you regardless of the hardships, you can bear any storm that approaches and climb every mountain that sits in your path.